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Trigger Pull Weight Results

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I had some cash back money burning a hole in my pocket so I picked up a trigger pull gauge to test a rifle before and after a trigger upgrade.  

I went ahead and did a 3 pull test on guns around the house.  Here's the results.


S&W Shield with Apex trigger and sear 4.2lbs

S&W 686-6  stock trigger 10.5 double action 3.25 single

S&W 642 Wolf Spring kit 12lbs

Remington R1 1911 stock trigger 3.5lbs

XDM 4.5  stock 5.5lbs

Walther pk380 8.5 double 5.5 single

Taurus PT738 5.2lbs

Ruger SR22 pistol 8.5 double 4 single


AR pistol with ALG combat 6lbs

AR rifle CMC Flat  3lbs

S&W MP15-22 stock 5lbs

Saiga S308 with Dinzag modified trigger 3lbs

Browning A5 stock trigger 3.25lbs

FN FNAR stock 3.5lbs

Kar98 7lbs stock with Timney 2-4lbs coming



I don't have any stock pulls for the Shield, but it was pretty bad and the Apex kit was a noticable improvement.

I know the Saiga had a decent trigger but 3lbs!! Great jog Dinzag

My 1954 model FN produced A5 has a sweet factory trigger at 3.25

7lbs on my bolt gun??!?!  That Timney should make a pretty big difference.

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Thanks for the survey. Borrow a ruger m77 MkII SS, you might need a beefier scale.

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No Mosin?

I've wanted one, especially with the low price, but I need a new caliber like I need another hole in my ass.


The Timney sportster showed up for the KAR98, and felt awesome, but I couldn't install back into the receiver because I ordered the wrong one.  I have a Carl Gustafs Sweedish Mauser with the 1 3/4 trigger guard and evidently half the guns have a 2 inch trigger guard.


What's the story on the Ruger M77?

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