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Another Antelope hunt in the books. I got this Doe while she was on the move at 250 yards, and she really did "drop like a sack of bricks!" The Lady and I heard the "Thwap" when I hit her, but she dropped so fast that we actually thought that maybe I missed, as the herd ran off. We walked to the spot and there she was, dead as a door nail. Got her at the top of the shoulders and severed the spine. A good clean kill with minimal meat loss. We got pretty close to them, this time. Last year was a 300yd shot and the season before was 420yds. I'm getting better at my stalking of Antelope. I used my Weatherby 30-06 with a Hornady 165gr ballistic tip bullet. My Zombie Tools machete cut off the head with one clean swipe, yes, just one swipe.




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Not really practicing, but we hunt private ranch land, and I'm getting better at patterning the Antelope, to predict where they run to for safety, and being in the right spot, before they get there.

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what area of MT?

wife's family moved over to Roundup, and I have hunted around there a few times before - Lewistown, Missouri breaks, etc.  Lots of antelope around and man do they spook out quickly. I've never done an antelope hunt but thinking I might do some in the next year or two.

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