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Alien Megastructures? Dyson Swarm?

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Star KIC 8462852 is a very hot topic these days, but it's hard to find real information about it.


Overly simple summary:  The stars light is being blocked by something too large to be a planet but which does not produce any light or heat of it's own.  It's also not blocking a consistent amount of light indicating it may be more than one object.  So far no theory can fully explain what we're seeing.


Yes it's almost certainly a natural phenomenon that we just haven't seen before.


But let's play what if. 


What if it's an artificial structure or structures like mega solar collectors (Dyson Swarm)?  That would make the builders centuries more advanced than us at the least.  Maybe millennia more advanced. 


So if we are looking at them, couldn't they be looking back at us?  But given the 1480 light year distance, we are seeing them as they were 1480 years ago, and they are seeing us as we were 1480 years ago.  So they are seeing the light that left our solar system in 535AD.  If their telescopes are dramatically advanced from ours they might be able to see that there is a life bearing planet here but no signs of technology.  The first radio waves from earth won't reach them for 1350 years (give or take).


But even without signs of technology they may be interested in life as we are so their probe may already be on the way.

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Time and enough stars.  Interesting topic.  Sometimes it is best to say we just do not know.  There may be hundreds of intelligent aliens BILLIONS of years ahead of us ... or there may be none.  They may have been watching and directing the human species for millions of years and we would have no way of knowing.  Or ... we are quite alone in the Galaxy right now.  Again, we just do not know.

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Construction project? Thin slice of a Dyson sphere?




I'm not too worried about it. Slight cause for concern is messages targeted towards 'close by' star systems:




Invaders from Altair?  Maybe. I don't think I'll lose much sleep over it.


What gets me is this childish, naive idea some folks have that  'Any civilization technically advanced enough for interstellar travel must be equally advanced morally'. Really? I'd call it foolish to anthropomorphize the moral values of a culture that is almost certain to be more alien than most any hollywood depiction of 'Aliens'. 


But, maybe I'm wrong & they're exceedingly moral, within their own frame of reference. Where would we fit into that frame of reference?  Where does a cow or chicken fit into yours?


"Message came in from some "Earth" place from 'Humans'".


"Really? Cool, more food that talks".


Also, one possible answer to the 'Fermi Paradox' (extraterrestrial intelligence's, where is everybody?)  Darwinism:  Any highly advanced civilization may see any other civilization they notice as a potential threat & 'take steps'.


"Check this out, Earth: Humans. Think they may pose a problem?"






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I'd be pissed off, if that was my fruitful crop.


I think we spend more time looking into space than we do trying to solve real problems on Earth.


I believe in the God of Abraham, the Creator of the Universe.


The Bible addresses who God is, his son, their relation to the Human Race and our history on Earth (beginning to end). It's a fantastic read (including fallen angels mating with humans, in Genesis).


I suspect that our realty is a Matrix-like realty with angels and demons popping in and out of a multi-dimensional universe.


I would encourage everyone to start their own search for truth.


I don't believe it will include aliens.

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Thanks Reverend. No thread is complete without some preachin.


But I must say the matrix religion connection is a new one.


My "truth" is a bit more practical but don't trouble yourself about my soul. I take full responsibility and absolve you of any obligation to save me from the matrix demons.

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Not worried about ET's, the universe is all made out of pretty much the same stuff, and distributed fairly evenly across the entire universe. There is NOTHING here worth the effort to come here to take!

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