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Well, I will be headed up top in the morning. Our camp is aprox.7,500ft. elevation, so, not too high up, but good Elk/Mule deer country. We set up Elk camp hopefully by noon. Opening weekend of rifle season can be a bit tough, with so many hunters out, but my spirits are high. I've got a decent 12'x14' wall tent w/wood stove, so we have a nice base camp.

I don't need to be back to work until Wednesday, so 4 solid days will hopefully yield an elk. We have all manner of critter about...Elk, mule deer, whitetail, and grouse, all of which, we have tags for, and Black bear, Grizzlies, Wolves, Moose and Mountain lion. We camped up there a few weeks ago trying for Elk with a bow, and heard the wolves calling out as they ran through the drainage below. There are 2 known wolf packs in the area. I may be able to get a tag on the way out. I think we will have a great camping experience even if we don't fill our tags.

Good luck out there this season, folks! Shoot well!

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I had two weird animal encounters this year.


I sat down in a small tree fall area next to a heavily beaten game trail and had an apple. I have got into the habit of sitting in areas like this for a while and seeing what happens, whereas I used to feel it was wasted time. After about 10 min I hear some light crunching behind me, and expect to see a squirrel. Big brown coyote comes around a log and is trotting right at me, did not smell me or see me at all. He looked like he was going to run right into me and I wasn't sure how he would react, so I reached for my rifle, he finally caught me and was out of there. Closest I've ever seen one that was alive.


Day after getting a buck, I had no other tags and decided to hunt grouse. Had my dad's O/U 12ga with bird shot, and a .22 pistol. I'm walking a trail and come up to a range fence, and see something moving in the trees along a fence line. Here comes a medium black bear about 100yd out, moving right at me at a brisk pace. I've never had a bear that close moving directly at me, it was an oh shit moment. I was in an open clearing with nowhere to go so I started walking backwards on the trail while facing him. As he got closer I realized he was totally clueless and again like the coyote, he had no idea I was even there - had his nose to the ground and was all about finding food. I finally hissed at him and he looked up, turned tail and ran.


About a half hour later he was still in the same clearing when I returned. I watched him for a while before calling out to him again, he casually left the area. Even if I had a bear tag I probably wouldn't have shot him, didn't want to deal with it this year. He was a prime target for some other hunter I bet.


Saw several moose calves, never saw the cow. First time ever seeing a calf in person, they sort of look more like a donkey/mule than a moose. Dopey looking animal. I still remember a few years back when we had one run out on a FS road in front of our truck in the early morning, its fur covered in frost that shook off like a fine dusting of powder snow. It slipped in the road and face planted. When it got back up we thought for sure it was going to smash the truck up, damn thing was the size of a draft horse.


Any way, don't mean to jack your OP but hunting stories are always good.


Here's the buck from this year, mid size 4x4 mulie. Had to drag him a long long way up and over the back side of a ridge that I didn't originally intend to go down. He was a younger 4x4 but he was a fat fucker, got lots of good meat this year - huge  backstraps.



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