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Ensign G-Vill

What would break on a Saiga

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I got a Saiga 223 that I converted myself years ago but with that ban on Saigas and the 223 version being rare I'm wondering on the availability of parts if anything inside does break. I don't like on mine the barrel or sights on mine is slightly crooked so my sight post is flush on one side to be centered which is annoying. But with it still being AK platform wouldn't it last beyond my life anyway? I shoot about 100 rounds a month out of it.

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The only thing that is really unique about the .223 is the bolt - if you want a spare bolt, you need either another Saiga .223 bolt (K-Var still gets them from time to time), or an AK-74 bolt.


The AK-74 bolt is for 5.45x39 but generally will work with .223 without issue, may need some light extractor tuning at most. It will need to be checked for headspace to the rifle and modified if necessary. There are threads about it here if you search for them.


The likelihood of the bolt itself breaking is extremely low, and the .223 bolt can use spare AK-74 firing pins or extractors without issue, but you will lose the spring loaded firing pin function if you replace the .223 firing pin with an AK-74 pin.


Just about every other part that could break is replaceable with typical AK replacement parts.

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I love my 223 with folding stock and ar mag conversion.

But it is not shot much beacause it is always right on. It was project gun and I had fun doing it but I have moved on to other things

The AR plat form gives you more flexibility . I see less and less AKs at the public range now days and few shoot more that a few hundred rounds at a time.


For most people I do not think this is an issue.

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I clean and lube my saigas with TS-70 moly. The chrome lined bore and chamber should outlast the receiver wear. Lubing the bolt, bolt carrier, recoil spring, gas piston/tube just a tad of moly, on the trigger sear will stop the wear.




Eliminates all wear

Reduces friction

Prevents galling

Fights corrosion

Stays were you put it.


The Saiga will feel like a more expensive gun.

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