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M+M Inc Magazine Release self adjusting

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Just personal experience with the  "M+M Inc Magazine Release that's self adjusting" I liked the idea of any magazine works with less wobble. I recently purchased a saiga that the mag latch was filed down to far from the factory so i decided to try one. the cost was 29.99 plus shipping.


1. Super easy to install maybe 10 min tops

2. The first 2 magazines I tried wouldn't lock in both polymer uspalm and a pmag (should work with any mag pos or not)

3. I see the issue and I will have to file a little material off very little but none the less I will have to modify/adjust it.

4. customer service super nice but slightly lacking on responses through email. I called they were nice and I did get a person instantly to talk to. They called me back and said I would need to modify the mag latch. (i knew that was coming before they even called me back)

6. self adjusting? maybe less wobble? maybe but not out of the box for this particular rifle  I really wont know until I modify and test it out more.


I will post a final opinion after I modify it and run it a while but I am not sure that it will work any better or worse than a properly modified factory mag latch. I understand the design of the M+M and how it should work also to be fair we all know that the Saiga build tolerance is a little lack luster so the axis pin hole for the mag latch may be +/- on its position. But I thought this mag latch would resolve any tolerance issue and have no problem with a variety of mags or any mag hence self adjusting.


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