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Comparison- forearms on the Saiga/VEPR/Catamount????

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Particularly with regards to the gas tube, forearm furniture, etc.
I don't have side-by-side guns, but I did compare the fit of a Saiga rail system to Catamount.  The Catamount is shorter (iirc) between the receiver and the gas block.  I don't have a VEPR handy.  Have any of you creative smiths looked at this crosswise?  The standard AK systems (e.g.: Midwest Industries) are too short between the trunnion and front plate also.  And it goes without saying, the 12g barrel doesn't drop into the after-market HG too well.
I'm also leery of too much rail/real estate.  Who needs a fully segmented quad rail on a suppressive-fire weapon?

PS- the Chaos system looks well-designed, but as of yet they only provide it in the Saiga and VEPR configurations.  It'd be interesting to have dimensional lists.

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CSS makes a VERY nice rail specifically for the Catamount.  I have it on mine.  




You are correct about spacing, and the tube diameters (barrel and gas) make the yoke inside something like the MI HG a real challenge to modify.  I consider the S/A shotgun not an area fire weapon per se.  I have the Chaos sights, and the initial shoots fired over the old OEM sights leads me to believe that the F1 is capable of reasonable shotgun accuracy.  it is not a precision rifle, however.




The real estate is like having a turbocharger- there when you need it, and dormant when not.  The CSS rail is not a bulky cruciform quad rail, but rather a HG-shaped "sleeve" that slides over the barrel similar in proportion to the OEM HG.

I'll get some dimensions when I get it back.  It's having final adjustments made following the conversion above.

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