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Dimensional differences between Saiga and VEPR shotguns?

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Are there significant dimensional differences?  For instance, the difference between the front of the trunnion and the gas block/cylinder, lengths of the associated handguard sections, etc? I opine that most AK handguards do not fit, and that Saiga shotgun furniture does not interchange with VEPRs, and vice versa. 

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Vepr rifles use thicker receivers, probably with the shotguns as well. More options as well. My opinion is that veprs are of a better quality. My Vepr rifle has a thicker barrel than regular ak style rifles. I dont have a shotgun to compare to my saigas.


My opinions, others may vary

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I think the barrel is a little thicker just inside the lower hand guard and that the gas block is a millimeter or two closer to the receiver. My memory could be off. Also the bore at the muzzle is a hair bigger on the veprs. like maybe 4 thou or so. I haven't measured it myself, but it's enough that some muzzle devices will have a slight shoulder on the vepr and none on the saigas. IIRC the vepr 12 puck was a shade bigger or smaller o.d. than the IZ 433 puck so one can be made into the other, but I forget which. um also the mag catch is a little different length enough to make a little filing necessary for mags to work in both. The follower has a little different angle too. 

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