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At the big risk of being caught out as not keeping track of lead mainline news stories ... who is Jared and what did he do?




He's a child molester. I hope he got a cell with a violent homosexual lifer with cock the size of a Foster's can.

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Have a lottery, $5 a chance on who gets to shoot the mad dog. Proceds to the family and victems.

Too fast. He's gotta die slow..... screaming.

Spray him down with pure capsaicin and urushiol, after being injected intravenously with a mixture of methamphetamine and platypus venom.

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Platypus venom stimulates the pain centers....directly. NOTHING stops it. Incapacitating pain along with increased sensitivity to pain that can last for months.

Urushiol comes from poison ivy, causing irritation, itching, blistering, exposing inner skin layers and nerves.

Capsaicin inflames already irritated and blistered tissues, and overstimulates the nerves that respond to heat/cold, causing a pain and an intense burning sensation as if the tissues were actually burning.

Methamphetamine is a strong central nervous system stimulant, greatly amplifying the pain, itching and burning, muscle pains, vomiting, confusion, as well as helping keep the pedo conscious to enjoy all of the aforementioned effects. (It's used to treat narcolepsy)


The combined effect should be highly entertaining to observe. He should feel as if he's being burned alive by blowtorches...for a long, long time. Hopefully days.

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I would like to put the scum that raped and murdered the preachers pregnant wife, under your care as well.

Same, same.  I was shocked at this crime. I cannot begin to describe what I would do to ALL THREE OF THEM.  I am sure I would rot in hell for it.

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