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Who would buy a drum for an MKA ?

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Not to hijack the thread but id be far more interested in a viable vepr 13 drum. Is that a possibility? 20 at 2 3/4 would be awesome.

Nope, we looked at making parts for the Saiga/VEPR , just can't get excited about that platform. AR15/MKA style guns are much better for competition.

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I think it is safe to say just about every owner of a MKA would probably be interested in one.

It would be a very popular item for you I'm sure. But it is a double edged sword.

If it runs good and is well constructed you will sell tons, if it is not you will sell very few.


Best of luck.

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Sorry, late to the post (rarely ever visit), but I can live with $100 for a 20rd drum. 2-3/4 only is not a deal breaker either. The real question here is what's the smallest batch you could do that would be worthwhile to you? At a dozen on this forum, figure 2 dozen more that won't get around to reading this post, add in the owners that aren't registered at all that will eventually come across your drum (maybe 50 to 100?), and I'd say you could sell around 100 of them over the next 1 to 2 years. Maybe a deal post on SlickGuns too to reach a wider audience? May not be worth your time, but it's worth my Benjamin if you do it!

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