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Town Demolishes Veteran's House While He Has Surgery

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This is all I could find on him, so no court records...  From what I can tell these are mortgages.....





Nassau County


Nassau County District Court - 1st District    CV-001230-08/NA   Disposed  THE ACCOUNTS RETRIEVABLE SYSTEMS A/O CHASE BANK USA, N.A.  ROE TAROFF TAITZ & PORTMAN LLP  PHILIP J. WILLIAMS         

Nassau County District Court - 2nd District    CV-037953-08/HE   Disposed  ARROW FINANCIAL SERVICES, LLC A/P/O WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK  FORSTER & GARBUS, ESQS.  PHILIP J. WILLIAMS         

Nassau County District Court - 2nd District    CV-025716-10/HE   Disposed  CAPITAL ONE BANK USA NA  FORSTER & GARBUS LLP  PHILIP WILLIAMS       

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Hopefully the courts will do right by this guy.


Trouble is, it's still taxpayers on the hook to pay the bill with no personal accountability for the city council members.


I wonder if there is any kind of civil liability connected to the ass clowns who make decisions like this. If they had some skin in the game I bet we'd see a whole lot less of it.

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I saw this story a few weeks back and thought the same things, first really pissed, then looked deeper and am sure there is another side or two the story.



This should not be able to happen in the US, the supposed Land of the Free.

Property was, and is supposed to be, inviolate. The Founding Fathers held property almost sacrosanct.

Being a property holder was to many of them supposed to be conditional to being able to vote or hold office.

Holding property was having a stake in the game.


We no longer own any property in the US, it as all rented to us, stop paying rent (taxes) and they will take it at gun point.


Imminent Domain is regularly abused for commercial & tax profits.


HOAs hold control of private property via contract and will take property via lien or fines.


So much more that really pisses me.

Nobody should be able to take or destroy a citizen's property for any reason outside of forfeiture with due process.

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>>The Founding Fathers held property almost sacrosanct.<<


Thus the birth of the "progressive " movement and why it's key for them to progress beyond the constitution.


Personal property rights and communism/socialism cannot exist under the same governance.


Which brings US full circle back to the second amendment to the constitution. Three boxes and all.


The framers were a wise bunch. I think pretty much every problem we have in this country today can be directly credited to the perversion or outright defiance of that one simple founding document.

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