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its so dead around here folks, lets spice it up!!

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vltor emod mil spec $80 shipped
mako stock comm spec $70 shipped
colt stock and buffer assy, off old colt pre ban hbar sporter $75 shipped
springfield scope $400 shipped
colt large front pin upper colt grey $135 shipped
saiga/v-12 sgm muzzle brake $55shipped
saiga v12 pokey muzzle brake $50 shipped
saiga side scope rail mount $20 shipped each


480 ruger mold and bullets, $105 shipped


components and qtys:
10 mag catches
2 +`extensions
2 extractor screws
hook springs?
firing pin
belt clip
1 magazine follower

sell as lot; $45 shipped

long colt 20 rifle handguards look new $30 shipped
short ugly police colt carbin hg, $15 shipped
streamlihngt stinger car adapter charger $10 shipped
sgm saiga to ar stock adapter $40 shipped
browning 1911-22lr holster $25 shipped
kick lite non recoil reducing buttstock adapter only  as pictured, comm spec tube $20 shipped
no cut saiga/vepr ace stock adapter $25 shipped
colt pistol grip with protective bag for colt 6940 upper $7 shipped

all this stuff is OBO, just want it gone. thanks!!!

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Which Pokey Break is that?

no idea... no ná-me on it.... if you have ideas on how to figure it out lemme know... or i can do some light googling later


light googling completed;





stuf thats gone:

vltor emod

colt upper/dring/ ugly hgs

side mounts now to sneak

ace called by jdeko

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