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Yep. Some things need to be fought back for. 


I've been planning dangerous things for my kids to do. Also the group I run gets a lot of teens an 20 somethings that have been indoctrinated by those fools. First thing we do is yell out "Men on one side Women on the other" at our dances. They eat it up. Young men don't often get acknowledged as men and they are starving for it. Ladies don't get treated as having anything special to bring to the room either, and ditto. Other dances avoid mentioning sex. They say "leads and follows" when teaching moves rather than "men and women" and they make a huge point of interchangeability. Contrast is cool.

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We did all those things and more.


When it came to shop classes, we had a choice of several.

Metal, which was extensive, forge, welding, sheet metal fab, tubing and more.

Wood, electronics/computers and automotive.


Several of us guys found out that Home Economics included cooking, which meant you made food and got to eat it too.

We were all over that, several of us asked specifically for the cooking classes it and got it.

I still love to cook and eat.

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I took all the "electives" at my high school- wood & metal shop, drafting, sewing, cooking and typing. Still happy I did, too, who knew back in the '70's that typing would become so important?!  (As I type this!) All the others helped me be more self-sufficient, which has come in very handy over the years.  :)

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