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Obama meets Bloomberg as he prepares order on guns

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I forced myself to read it, and the focus is mostly on private sales, which is entirely unenforceable without a formal registration process. Who is to know whether I sold that firearm last week or last year. (FTR I do not sell firearms). If registration is announced via EO, good luck in the courts and the forthcoming revolution.


For the record, the US government is not allowed by law to keep a NICS database and they say they do not do it. Proper procedure is to get a warrant and go back to the transferring FFL to get the name. Recent history has shown us that just based on the speed of discovery that a database is kept, and a warrant is nothing more than a formality after the fact.


I believe that whatever is announced is nothing more than window dressing to give the illusion to the base that he is being tough. If he wants to draw a red line in the sand.......well this ain't Syria.

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We learned the hangman's noose knot in Cub, Boy and Sea Scouts.  13 steps also. Amazing what they taught way back in 1958.  Useful things?  I have repeatedly written and E mailed my legislooters and sinisters crying out for the impeachment, conviction, arrest, conviction and jailing of lots of criminal treasonous high polticians.  Including some of those contacted.  No response.  How many tens of millions of folks would it take to get some action here?


We were also taught that the condemned watched the noose being woven.  Also 13 steps up the gallows.  Intended to let the condemned understand what he did wrong.


Seems pretty clear to his old coot feeble mind that these monsters are committing high treason against the US Constitution giving aid and comfort to the enemy.  Why has nothing happened?  I am doing my part.  We all can do our parts.  How come nothing comes of it?  It is at the point where my elected idiots do not even answer me any more.  Rather discouraging to say the least.  What part of the word "infringed" do they not understand.  Yikes!


Edited by HB;  13 LOOPS.  Not steps.  When am I going to learn to proof read my stuff?

Edited by HB of CJ
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