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best conversion kit

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Title says it all...whats the best conversion kit? css...dazing....mississippi auto arms???? any input on looks, ease of installation, price.. any other pertinent info  thank you

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Since you're not getting any bites, I'll take a crack at it, but just know I've only done 3 conversions in my life. Also, each one was with parts ordered individually, not in a kit.


So, first thing's first. I'm going to assume you know your local laws, and what you plan to do is legal in your area. I'm also going to assume that you're looking for a trigger conversion kit, and not an external receiver block pistol grip kit.


My answer for you is, go with whichever you like. They all work. Just be aware that some kits may include a stock and adapter which is meant for removing the "tang" on the back of your receiver. It is a permanent modification, and once done, you can no longer use "AK specific" stocks, but it is completely up to you how you wish to configure your firearm. Read the information on each kit, look at pictures, find what you like.

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Thank you very much for the reply, any advantage to ordering the parts individually?  if i do that im worried ill forget a part lol, i was looking for a list i couldnt find one.  when you say "ak specific", does that mean no ironwood furniture? 

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The advantage to ordering each piece individually would be that you get everything you want, and nothing you don't. You choose what goes into your rifle. However, it could end up costing more than a kit, especially if it's from multiple sources. 


What I mean by "AK specific" is:


Notice on the left arrow, that entire piece of metal protruding from your rear trunnion is your stock tang.



On some kits, they "might" have a stock which uses something like this:



That is an internal stock adapter. Basically, you remove the tang altogether, file it flush with the rear trunnion, slide your internal adapter into your receiver, lock it down with the supplied hardware, and you now use (probably) ACE stocks. However, the downside is, as you can see from the first picture, the tang is required for an "AK specific" stock.

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Thank you very much for reply yea my cousin lives in PA and that's where firearm and work will be, think he wants to throw on some wood so that adapter would be beneficial.. Ive seen some adapters that offer side folding wooden stocks..and a slight increased lop..can anyone comment on these?


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