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5.56 Bulgarian AK-74

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This is a kit I've had for several years. Matching serial Bulgarian AK-74 kit - serial postfix is #666 on all parts, which increases its danger factor as an assault weapon, obviously.


I've built this with a few tools & widgets borrowed from Sim_Player... When he gets his stuff back it will most likely include a few reamers & drill bits that I found useful here.


I used the nitride 5.56 AK-74 barrel from Arms of America - this is the same barrel that AK Builder sells, machined from a Montana Rifleman 4140 blank, but at the time I ordered it, AKB only offered it in bare steel. Very nice looking barrel, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it shoots. I put it on the tighter side of 5.56 headspacing to try and get a bit more accuracy out of it. I was a bit wary of these barrels' hardness and longevity until I saw Mel64d on Youtube do a Rockwell test on them, and saw that they were coming out harder than Romy CHF barrels.


Checking furniture & mag fitment before final riveting & component pinning.
Feed & ejection check passed full 30 rounds /w Beryl magazines. Mags rock solid.
I did lightly file 5.45 bolt extractor shelf to get a tighter grab on 5.56 rim, but probably not needed.


Almost done - just needs rear trunnion & scope rail riveted, then pin the barrel components.


When finished it will probably be wearing a Beryl folding stock & K-grip, as I intend for this to be a dedicated truck gun.



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I can think of a few cool nicknames for a gun with that serial #.


There aren't to many things more satisfying than building a rifle from pieces.


Mark the fsb and corresponding spot on the barrel, if you fire it before pinning it. The recoil caused mine to move and although it was perfect, it may not be now. I may purchase a boresight laser.

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Yeah that happened to me when I put the 74 components on my Saiga. Pinned the GB but left the FSB unpinned so I could verify its center before I drilled it, and it fell off of the barrel while shooting. Surprising since I really cranked it on there.

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Finished riveting and pinned the RSB, then took out to test. FSB still needs adjustment. Thought I may need to go up to a larger gas port size (I used 1/16" bit which is .0625" but I figure using a hand drill it ended up closer to .065-.067") but it chewed up & spat out everything with no issues, and was much smoother/gentler than the Saiga .223, which is way overgassed IMO.


No problems with either WPA .223 or Prvi M193, threw cases out to 20ft or so with either. No ejection problems with 5.45 extractor or bolt.



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