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I have a M10.  To me the safety lever seems very very tight.  I have seen guys manipulate they're safety with one finger but on mine it takes a concentrated effort to do so.  I have watched a few videos but to be frank I'm not fond of bending the lever out to see "if" that solves the problem.  What do you folks recommend.  

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 I had the same issue with my M92 and it took several times of bending it to get it where I wanted it.  The steel on the safety lever is tempered so it takes considerable force to bend it even the tiny amount needed.

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If the original is hard to manipulate and you don't want to self adjust by bending, you could always buy a new one. There is always an issue of possible safety ramifications when swapping safeties. It is a known issue on 308 Saiga rifles that the stock safety and replacements are different lengths and the stock will not reach an upgraded (converted) trigger group. Make sure if you go this route there is no issues of it not fully seating on the trigger or anything looking unsafe. Maybe have it brought to a knowledgeable friend or gunsmith.

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Bending it solves all your problems. Shit, I'm planning to pay someone to grind my Vepr mag to fit my 030 Saiga because I'm afraid I'll break the mag and even I just bent the damn thing to get it over with.

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^^ Word! If you cannot bend a safety lever,, maybe an AK is NOT right for you.

Wait what?  Where did I say that I could not physically bend the lever?  My question was if that might solve the problem, not on weather on not I am able too.  



No, his point is that Russian style firearms often require that the owner is comfortable using a file, hammer, and sandpaper to get things "just right".

This can be irritating to guys coming from the AR world, but it can actually be an enjoyable part of the AK experience if you're a tinkerer.

Feel free to bend the lever.  You can always bend it back.   This will solve the problem 90% of the time.


However, sometimes the issue is with the area where the safety sits in the receiver.   You can take a small jewelers file or a bit of sandpaper and smooth out the area on the safety that actually fits inside of the receiver.   I once had a rifle that bending the safety wasn't solving the issue because the friction was in this area.  5 minutes with a little file and it turned into the smoothest operating AK safety I have handled to date.    You can see the area to address in red below.


Another area that could be binding is the detent where the little bump on the safety sits when on safe.  If that edge is too abrupt it can make it hard to disengage the safety.  You'll know it's this spot if the safety is hard to move initially but frees up once out of the divot.  This area is shown with the little blue dot below.

Just take some time to play with the safety as it is now and narrow down where your friction is coming from.   Grab the little tab on the side and pull it slightly away from the receiver while moving it down.  Does this solve it?  If so, you need to bend the safety or address the detent.   If it is still stiff when pulled out from the side of the receiver, it needs a touch up where the safety goes through the hole.


On a final note, I know the price for the Kreb's safeties often give people sticker shock, but they are by far my favorite upgrade to a rifle or shotgun.  It is so fast and easy to manipulate the safety this way, plus it gives your index finger a place to sit to guarantee that it is nowhere near the trigger when it shouldn't be.     You can also follow GunFun's instructions to make your own or try the Solar Tactical DIY kit. 






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When I attempted to bend the lever on my WASR when I first got it, it simply snapped in half. No, I didn't bend it an obscene amount. Hardened/tempered steel can become brittle, and shit happens.  Bought a Polish safety lever, and it adjusted the same way just fine.


I've had no issues bending the lever on my two Zastava rifles which were ridiculously tight from the factory.


Beware though - too loose on an AK safety and it can move itself while firing, it can be accidentally flipped to fire if rubbed up against clothing, or it can actually flip past the dust cover when setting back to safe.


Filing the "nub" on the safety can actually make it tighter as it will allow more of the inner face of the lever to rub up against the receiver.

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