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Two Pennsylvania Senators Would Wrap Gun Owners In Red Tape

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I was born and raised in PA and find this absolutely disgusting. It is clearly in violation of both the PA Constitution and the US Constitution. Why the hell aren't these ignorant fools tossed out the door and down the steps of the capitol for even suggesting shit like this??


What sucks the most is that 80% of the state is (or was...) Republican, except for the 3 big cities of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Just like NY State, everyone else has to suffer because of the idiocy of the "people in power."  Time for a  shift in power, back to The People where it belongs!

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As far as they are concerned we are already criminals so may as well embrace it.

We all know where this ends.

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I moved to Texas, because the fight CANNOT be won in MD!  The Democratic Party in Maryland is in control of the voting booth! The dead vote Democrat, and many non voters vote democrat! Many Republican votes are mysteriously counted as Democratic votes. The largest populations are in the "Majority minority" Counties and with the Gerrymandering, there CANNOT be a 'fair' election!


I am happily living in a FREE State, and will vote for secession when ever it become a choice!!!!!,

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