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Accidental double tap at the indoor range?

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Was at the range range with a friend and his son. The son was shooting, and I warned him "those are big rounds be careful"....1760 fps rifled slug 3". first 2 rounds no problem...next round jammed on the upper lip of the barrel. he pulled the bolt handle and the round fell into place and slid right into barrel. Now understand the kid is 14 and I've never trusted a word out of his mouth. But, this next round scared the holy shit out of him and I don't know what to believe. He said he didn't double tap and the gun fired twice....and into the tracks above. More confusing....the bolt handle broke off. I'm not familiar enough with this gun to know if the gun can do that on its' own or is he lying to me? is it at all possible that using high power slug could cause such a double tap? Also need to mention this gun is the one by Leeder arms not actually mka1919.

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WOW...good to know about the 3" rounds. As for the handle...yeah, its broke, I found it. Already got a new one coming from Matt along with a new light load spring. Hope everything fits...it isn't mka 1919 it's leader arms ar12. But there is another thread about how similar they are. Maybe this will help see how close. As for the boy...maybe he was to scared by the bump fire to realize that was what happened.

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