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Delayed Order Processing

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Has anyone else ordered through Mike's website after Christmas and have delayed orders? The one I placed on the 10th has been idle ever since with no response to email or phone.


I had placed an order before Christmas and it shipped fine. Pretty sure I'm not being snookered but no communication has me worried about fulfillment.



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He has a track record of going into hiding and working his butt off with no communication when he bites off more than he can chew. You'll get your stuff, but when is unknowable.

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I am having the same issue as you guys.  My order was placed on 8 Jan, payment came out from my bank account on 11 Jan, but my MDARMS account shows "processing" for this order.  I've sent a couple emails asking if I can get an estimated date, but no response. 


I've placed a couple orders in the past and those transactions went perfectly, so I would like to give MDARMS the benefit of the doubt.  I am not sure how long I am willing to wait without any information at all.  If I had any type of feedback, I would feel better about the status of my order and the company in general.   


Seeing that MDARMS wont return any emails, and they have no phone number, I have no idea what to do.  Should I wait this out longer without any feedback from MDARMS?  Should I ask my bank do a chargeback?  I would hate to initiate a chargeback since they look bad on a company and may have fees that would be passed down to MDARMS. 

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After 2 months, repeated unanswered emails, and a phone number that doesn't allow messages, I contacted my bank to stop payment. I realize that the Saiga 12 market has kind of died, but if MD is no longer in business, they shouldn't have a website that takes peoples' money. It's a shame. MD made some nice products.

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