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ok..I'll ask it again



If I decide to not pay my taxes anymore and tell the govt if they try to take my house from me that I will use deadly force…..

do you think I am in the right?  Well this Bundy stand is pretty much the same scenario don't you think?



The government has been overreaching for over 150 years now.

You act like this is something new.


 If I tried to take up arms against the govt for my reason, I would be considered a enemy and if

I did make it out alive I would most certainty be incarcerated for the rest of my life…… So yes, they did get off easy.


So if you get away with something long enough, it's okay, and you support it?

Then by that logic the Bundy ranchers were grazing for free for over a 100 years before the BLM was even conceived. So then you must support them too.

These guys aren't in the same situation as Bundy anyway so you're bringing them up again is really beside the point, but I'll leave you with this analogy : Imagine one day you wake up to discover the FED has installed a toll booth at the end of your drive way and now you must pay a toll to drive your car every morning. This is essentially what the BLM did to Bundy. They had suddenly imposed an additional tax on his only means to survive. 

Ultimately it sounds like you're saying you support the fed over reach simply because you don't think winning is possible so we should grab our ankles and pretend to enjoy it.

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Speaking of morons....you apparently dont have a fucking clue about what you are talking about. for those of us who have actually studied the reasons behind this...you have shown your abject stupidit

One thing we know for sure because of this incident,   A corrupt government will have plenty of cheerleaders as long as a complicit media is there to provide people with an opinion.

Remember when they shot and killed all those looters committing arson in Furgeson? No. Me either. Let's go back to pretending this is about anything other than the feds making an example out of a


Once the Bundy Bunch took up arms and threatened force, they became criminals. Plain and simple.

They are all very lucky that they didn't end up with the same fate as this guy.

and last I heard the ones in custody are only looking at 6 years. Got off pretty easy I would say.

Of course they now loose all rights to bear arms, and all the other fun stuff that goes along with being a felon.

You're kidding right?

Their criminals for taking up arms? Standing against govt over reach and bringing to public attention of the govt land grab. Forcing families from their livelihood, family lands. For what supposed endangered species?


Do you not see the govt over reach?


They only got 6yrs? Your fucking blind or ignorant. They served time for this already.

There's something called double jeopardy.


The feds stepping in to make examples of them IS NOT OK!


What ever happened to the protesters that threw rocks at police,set fires to public and personal property in Ferguson? And other recent peaceful protests?


NOTHING!!! Why because they felt injustice?


If this where reversed and the black,brown or Muslim was killed what looks to be in good blood there would be a shit storm.


But sounds like your OK with it as long as it's some redneck rancher




Jump to conclusions much? You do realize he was talking about the people "just arrested" looking at 6 years, right? I'm fairly sure the Bundy's and the others recently arrested haven't already served their time prior to taking over the refuge. Dont pick on blind people.

As for the Hammonds, I think its total BS for the forcing them to return and complete their 5 year sentences and get them out of the picture. Let alone I don't think the BLM should ever have the authority or ability to force or create 'first right of refusal' orders.

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They obviously fired into the vehicle after it was disabled. That is complete bullshit!


Maybe some have better moral standards than others and some have few or none.


Obama's been waiting for a confrontation with "White Christian Conservatives", since he took power. He could'nt wait to put his boot on their neck and make them suffer.

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Go to 16:00 mark and begin watching 


The man behind Lavoy tasers him, this is before any shots fired. Originally it was thought this man was the first shooter but no.


After tasering Lavoy into unconsciousness  the man abandons the taser and moves out of the line of fire.

You folks with LE experience may see the protocols plainly. 


Lavoy is then shot 9 times


That friends is murder. So much for that.


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I listened to a live stream of the phone call as the last "occupier" surrendered to the FBI today.


He was talking about how he's tired of racists holding back his Muslim brothers, how all people of the Bible/Koran go to heaven, then he says "fuck the Bible I'm not a Christian I'm a messianic judist". He then proceeds to tell the negotiator he should have called a Muslim cleric instead.

Then he starts going on about UFO's, Fukushima, and then launches into a tirade about how unjust the war in the middle east is, namely Syria, because we are overthrowing democracy.


Then he forces the fbi to scream hallelujah, takes a final cigarette and surrenders.


I hope the guy gets some help for his mental health honestly. 


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This stuff seems to happen when we have a democrat in the white house


it would be worse with a democrunt

Exactly. Look at what happened in Waco with a bitch AG and Billy boy... now imagine Hitlery and the new AG super cunt...

They'd have called in an air strike day two

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