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I bought these 2 10 round MKA mags at the same time a few years back.

Notice how different they are. I mean a lot different.

Mag B runs like a champ, never a problem.

Mag A is very problematic, sometimes it will load ok but when the hammer hits the pin I get nothing.

You can see that the distance between the top of the bolt hold open and the top of the lips varies quite a bit.

This in turn presents the follower higher in MAG B.

Also when thee follower is pushed down on MAG B it flows smooth and free. When the follower is pushed down

on MAG A it seems to bind and not flow as smooth. I'm going to file down the lips on MAG A  to the dimensions of

MAG B and do some fileing on the inside as well to see if I can get the follower to flow more freely. 

I don't know if this will help any or not but it is worth a try.

Like I said MAG B runs great, MAG A not so much.


 it is just wild how far off these 2 mags are from one another when produced at the same place.

I am going to purchase me some of the new Gen 2 mags and see how well they compare to these older ones.





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The bolt locks back on both ok. I can't think of anything that could be wrong with the gun as all of my 5 rounders and MAG B 10 rounder

perform flawlessly. The problem has been narrowed down to MAG A. and looking at the difference between the 2, especially the height of the follower

and the extra space between the BHO and the top of the lips makes me wonder. The extra space may just be enough to interfere with the bolt enough

when closed to be causing misfire.  I don't know, Ill just have to keep playing with it until I can get it to work.

If the Gen 2 10 rounders are the real deal I'll just toss this one on the fire.

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Magazine A and magazine B came off different stamp plates.. I can see slight differences in a few areas that suggest this.


The top of the rib stamping on the side is different. B is more squared in the corners.. The finish is also different.

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That's Turkish precision for you(!) You should see the differences in the BR99 mags as they're all metal. At least with the main body of the MKA1919 mags being molded plastic they're reasonably similar.

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Thats great news Matt. Will you guys be doing the manufacturing?

When can we expect it?

We've had the prototypes/CAD work done since 2012. Unfortunately it's too expensive to have them made here, we will be importing them.

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