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Have you ever attempted to write your own rhyme?

It's a wonderful way of passing some time.

Try to be clever,

Throughout this endeavor,

Write us limerick that's better than mine.


There was a young man from Kalamazoo.

He carried a pistol tucked into his shoe.

While he ran in a race,

He tripped on his lace.

Where once there were five, there are now only two.

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..."A man from New Orleans" ...


... "Always ate too may Beans" ...


..." Again and Again" ...


..."Much to his Chagrin"...


..."He kept blowing holes through his Jeans" ...


The End.  Done in 5th grade.  Teacher gave me a "D". smile.png

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Another one.  Not so much as a poem but something yelled out at the top of our lungs while pretending to attend Junior College ...


"Kalla Ka Zip ..


"Ka Zip Ka Zamm"


"Son of a Bitch, God Damn"


"Horses Ass, Cows Tittie"


"We're The Band From Long Beach City."


Marching song for the marching band from Long Beach City College, Long Beach California.  About 1967 or so.  Funny how dumb silly shit sticks with you. :)

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Channeling Andrew Dice Clay here. 015.gif


There once was a hermit named Dave
Who Kept a dead whore in his cave
She was missing a tit
She smelled like shit
But think of the money he saved


Jack and Jill Went up the hill
Both of them had a quarter
Jill came down with fifty cents
And Jack came down with a boner


Nick the prick had a forty ft. dick,
He showed it to the lady next door.
She thought it was a snake,
And hit it with a rake,
And now it's only four ft.four.


There once was a whore on the dock
From dusk until dawn she sucked cock
'Til one day it's said
She gave so much head
She exploded and whitewashed the block

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard,
to get her poor dog a bone.
But when she bent over,
old Rover drove her,
Cause Rover had a bone of his own.

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Wrote this in high school (hard to believe almost 30 years ago now)


For those who write on bathroom walls

There should be built in mighty halls

In honor of their shining wit

A giant statue made of shit


And carved upon this giant turd

Should be inscribed the poet's word

"They paint these walls to hide my pen"

"But the Shithouse Poet strikes again!"


Funny that I would remember that and can't remember my wife's birthday.

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There once was a madman from Kalamazoo

Got a hard on for people so he shot a few

In the parking lot at a Cracker Barrel

As for motive seems he just went ferrel

Uber driver that lost a screw


Over at the car lot where they sell em used

Cops say he wasn't drugged up or boozed

With a Lunatic heart and a lunatic mind

Rampage of the most cowardly kind

Six lives taken the devil mused

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