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Tooth and Nail Armory MKA wins again

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Congrats to Josh

Winning 1st in Unlimited, 1st overall,  in Lead Farm 3 gun.


Tooth and Nail Armory team shooters placed 1st, 2nd, and 6th,    I had to sit out this one, DR orders

# Shooter, Division, Class, Categories, Pens, Match Final  

1 Joshua Loganbill Unlimited none          0           224.66  

2 Jarrett Hall Practical none                   15           286.40  

3 Michael Lindsay Practical none           10          293.30  

4 David Hill Practical none                        5          315.03  

5 Dillen Easley Practical                          10          318.68  

6 Matt Fox Practical none                       15          319.13  

7 Matt Hannan Practical none                   5          325.94  

8 Billy York Practical none                         0          350.18  

9 Allan Porting Unlimited none                  0          355.53  

10 Justin Morris Factory none                   0          360.70  

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