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Finally found a load that works!

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I finally found a load that works in my Saiga 223.


Hornady 55gr FMJBT bullets, LC Brass, Winchester primers, 23.0 gr IMR3031.


Shot at 100 yards, 1.5 inch groups. Some would call the group sizes 1.5x1 (1.5 high by 1 inch wide) Used a red dot sight that covered the target. I could probably cut those groups in half using a scope with cross hairs. Saigas can be accurate, but only if you work at it. Beats the heck out of that cheap steel cased stuff that I have been shooting.


I might back down to 22.5gr of powder because by looking at the primer, I'm right on the edge of over pressure. Other than that, I am very pleased.

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Why weren't other loads working for you?  Just getting too large of a group or were you experiencing malfunctions?


Steel cased factory ammo such as Tula and Wolf is horribly inaccurate, and very dirty. Tried reloads with some powders I had "laying around" with good results, but far from great. Gave 3031 a try and really like it.  Also, as compared to the steel cased stuff, 3031 is very clean. Shot 50 rounds and I could hardly tell the rifle had been shot. Next attempt will be with CFE223.

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I think it's great you found a hand load that garners consistent sub 2 MOA accuracy.

That is very nice accuracy for a battle rifle.


Is that grouping from one group or consistent over many groups?

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Is that grouping from one group or consistent over many groups?


It was consistent, four groups of 5 rounds per group. My 1 x 1.5 was an average of the 4 groups. One group was slightly smaller, one bigger, but it would be safe to claim less than 2moa across the board. Very surprising, and very pleased. I plan to get the Saiga out again here in a couple weeks to see if I can repeat. I don't shoot rifles very often, mostly a handgun guy. But do get the rifles out a couple times a year.

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