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It came to me because my Sig was not cutting it. I never liked Glocks but when I opened the cheap black polymer box of the model 27 III for the first time I knew I had no choice but to get over my negative feelings and just get on with it.

The trigger was gritty and stiff but it dijested every round loaded in it. The grip sucked but it was accurate and lighter than my long gone Sig and much lighter than my personal XDM.

With a little care and a trigger job with a Ghost trigger bar the 27 became acceptable.

And it has been with me everyday all these years work and home. But let's face it I still do not care much for it. But for how it serves me and how it performs it's a great gun.

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G27 has been my EDC for ten years now. It ain't,t pretty But it's goes bang every time I puil the trigger regardless of the ammo.

Glock is the AK of hand guns. Realiable, effective, and easy to clean.


Yes I know there are a lot of great alternative choices for EDC but this is my choice and I am confidant in that choice.

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Welcome to the dark side. I've been carrying a G26 for years.

How is the recoil with +p and +p+ ammo? I considered a G26 or G19, but wasn't sure if I wanted another polymer frame striker fired pistol. I went with a CZ 75 PCR and like it quite a bit.

It honestly shoots like a full size G17. No noticable difference in recoil. I carry it with Winchester PDX-1.

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I have a 17 , 26 and a 42 they are all accurate as I am and they always go boom . I am surgical with my 42 as I have carried it to Universal , the beach in the ocean , everywhere I go . I think it is the best pocket pistol you can buy . I wish I had held out for the 43 , the only thing you have to do is keep you'r booger finger off the bang switch . I am not a Glock fanboy I just like having a gun that can get wet and won't rust , and I trust with my life .

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I can't hold the glock thing against you. I have a few. They are good at everything and exceptional at nothing. They truly are the AK of the pistol world. My favorite was a 17RTF 9mm with the weird moon ridges. I have the new US made 42 near by. It replaced a fluff and buff p3at that was used to death.


If you want to have a ton of fun with your glock, check out this local dude here in Montana. He makes a cool upper that's dependable and accurate. Well, they are a little weird the first hundred rounds or so but break in like the russian shit. http://www.mechtechsys.com/glock.php

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