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Favorite brand of ammo for what purpose(s)?



Hunting - Hand Loaded - Hornady Interlock SPBT


Self defense - Speer Gold Dot

Target - Blazer Brass or Federal


Self defense in home - Fiocchi, 24 pellet #4 Buck, plated high velocity

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For the calibers I care about....




SD - Critical Duty

Target - Sellier & Bellot 




SD - Gold Dots

Target - Usually grab Federal, but anything really goes 




If it fits, it ships




Surplus only (duh)




SD - Critical Defense 

Blasting - usually Rio




Target/plinking - M193, any brand, but prefer PPI

SD - Anything loaded with 77gr OTMs

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No preference.


None of my guns are "dialed in".


They are all expected to perform at respectable ranges with any ammo.


I am not a gun or ammo "snob". That mentality cost me a lot of very cheap Saigas, years ago.

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I assume form the above the matter is pistol shotty and x39 cals so;


x39: Hornady... of course but its not something I stock a lot of or shoot much due to price.


Pistol cals: Liberty Civil Defense... for reasons mentioned in the past.


Shotty... no preference anything dependable 

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These are all my competition loads.


.223 - PMC Bronze 55 gr.  Shoots well and has been reliable for me out to 600 yards.


12 Ga shot - Winchester AA Super Sport 1 oz #7.5 - Nice slick plastic shell loads reliably.


12 Ga Buck - Federal 00 flight control.  - Groups well.


9mm - Roll my own with Montana Gold 124 Gr CMJ bullets and Silhouette powder.



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My own make. Hordady for a lot of stuff, I don't think they are "the best hands down" or anything like that, but their products are consistently consistent. If the label says .308 150 grains, I can expect each bullet to be that. Not aproximately that....

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