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Battle Arms Development Lightweight 5.45x39 AR15 Target Rifle

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Here is my latest rifle build, intended for my wife (albeit she rarely gets out to the firing range with me rolleyes.gif).  My intent was to build a target rifle, using the lightest components I could find and afford..... alas, that exercise essentially got shot-to-shit when I went with a heavy barrel.  Here are all the component parts that I went with for this AR build:


Battle Arms Development

  -- BAD556 Lightweidht 7075-T6 Billet Receiver Set

  -- Enhanced Pin Set

  -- Enhanced Modular Mag Release

  -- Short Throw Ambi-Safety Selector w/ Crank levers

  -- Black Melonite rife length gas tube

Norgon Ambi Mag Release

Seekins Precision Enhanced Bolt Catch

Geissele Super Tricon FCG

AXTS Raprtor Ambi Charging Handle

BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 Pistol Grip

Fortis Low Profile Gas Block

Lancer Systems:  LCR5 Round Carbon Fiber Extra Long Premium Handguard, and Carbon Fiber Fixed A2 rear Stock

JP Enterprise Silent Captured Buffer Spring

VooDoo Innovations DI Lifecoat Integral Gas Key Carrier with 5.45 Bolt Head Assembly

R Guns 20" Fluted 1/8 twist Chrome Molly Match Grade Barrel

B.E. Meyers 249F Flash Hider

Aero Precision Ultralight Scope Mount

Vortex Diamondback HP 4-16x42 optic with BDC Reticle

Harris BR Bipod


I think that covers everything.








I haven't had her out to the range yet (it's been raining almost non-stop here in the Pacific Northwest), but I'm naturally hoping that she will be a really nice shooting AR target rifle.


There were two mods that I had to make:  The BCM Mod 3 pistol grip's duck bill needed to be removed due to the slanted angle of my lower's integral trigger guard, and I had to fabricate a sling point bracket to affix the Harris bipod to on the bottom of the carbon fiber handguard.  Everything else with putting this rifle together was gravy.




FullSizeRender_zps41nupvsc.jpg. . . . FullSizeRender_zpsscbxe6fu.jpg

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Took the rifle out to the firing range yesterday for her baptismal shooting session; breaking in the rifle's barrel and sighting in the Vortex scope. Well... the session was less than terrific. The rifle functioned wonderfully, except for the JP Enterprise silent captured buffer spring. I was firing Russian 7n6 ammo. Apparently, the OEM spring is just a wee-bit too stout for this particular rifle configuration. The bolt carrier would fail to catch/strip-off every third to fourth round from the magazine, and more than half of the time the bolt did not lock back on the magazine after the last round was fired. All symptoms of the buffer spring being too strong/heavy. I did not experience this issue with my Huldra Arms & AXTS Lower piston AR15 that has a JP silent captured buffer spring... but that rifle is carbine length and of course is comprised of other component parts.

Anyway, so there goes another $38+ for a JP Enterprise Alternate Spring Pack which contains five (5) buffer springs of different weights to tune the rifle's cycling rate.

Oh, and I found myself enjoying the tuning fork "twaannng" I was sensing from the B.E. Meyers 249F Flash Hider.



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