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CSS Sight rail for factory dovetail mount - Anyone?

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I have one and did not like it at all.  The block that replaces the sight in the dovetail was not machined square on it's top surface, so the rail didn't want to sit level.  I contacted CSS and was told that that was what the set screw was for was to adjust the base level and brace it so that it didn't shift.  Tried that and the rail promptly bent.  What I ended up with is a rail that won't hold a sight level enough to be within the adjustment range of the optic, which they blamed on the optic having an insufficient adjustment range!  This was a couple of years ago, so maybe they've improved, but I would never order from them again.



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I am running the short one with a Burris Fastfire III. I think it's perfect for a micro red dot. Anything else, and it's a bit high for my taste and aesthetically looks like the optic is floating a few inches over the gun. Just looks odd IMO. As the poster above noted, the mounting structure is not a great one to carry weight. IT has a very small base foot print and you can "bend" the rail if you are not careful. It's not as super solution but it is a viable one for a micro dot.


As to CSS, they have been around for a long time and had the things I needed that nobody else had when they were about the only game in town. Always been a pleasure dealing with them. They are one of my first go-to places for a lot of AK build parts.

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Agreed on the rail "flexing" in the mount -  too much leverage on a small area  -  Had a C More slide ride on a similar one and it flexed too much.  Use one of the shorter mounts -  or buy that one from CSS and cut it down.  CSS is always a pleasure to do business with though. 

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