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Do you think ATF has a sense of humor???

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I don't know if ATF has a sense of humor, or I'm the luckiest guy on the planet, but I received my approved form 1 stamp on my Birthday three months and a few weeks after they received it.beer.gif   I need to call and see the status on the form 4 that went out in the same package but it can't be far behind.  ATF actually signed off on it almost three weeks prior to me receiving it...

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Gary, from the cards that you've show, YOUR COLLECTION IS FAR FROM PLAIN JANE. Called ATF today and the form 4 also cleared on the 3rd, so Friday I'm betting on being able to free my can from NFA jail. If your state permits it and you have a CLEO like mine, the process for a form 1 or 4 is very simple. I'm betting there's a HK clone just dying inside to be releasedwink.png

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We have SBRs, just not individual form 1 ability until 6/9/16. Almost amusing considering the absurd level of panic about the trust changes at the federal level which kick on 7/14/16. They suck, but things are far from over.



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They may.  Years ago I had a Form 1 on a Saiga 12 SBS that I decided I was going to instead sell, (still have that S12 NIB by the way!) and NOT SBS and I wrote the BATFE (again, it seems) and they informed me in just 3 weeks that since I had not whacked the barrel yet I could ask to have the S12 SBS removed from the NFA rolls.  So I did.  Mailed back the original Form 1 tax stamp with the request.  Even got my $200 bucks back!  I was asked to destroy any Form 1 tax stamp copies.  I did.  There was a handwritten note stating that if the barrel had already been cut back just keep cutting on it until it is then legally long enough.  Complete with a happy face.  Yep. 

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