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When I first heard the report on FOX news, I thought it was a joke. 


Along with Chicago and Detroit, NYC is the last place I would take my family. New York State is a beautiful place, but now completely off the list of places I would personally choose to visit.

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I for one would have a major melt down if some perv male kids tried to barge in on my young teen aged grand daughter while she was in the ladies room ... just because they had some stupid wrong perv State right to do so.  Not going to work.  Hopefully it will not happen.  Some things are just not right.  Does Kommiefornika State parks already have this?  If soss, then we will not be going to any Kommiefornika State parks.  I do not want to know about Oregon were we live.  We probably already have this.  Not good.

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I heard they're trying to ban smokeless tobacco in NYC.  They're going to run out of places to hide the bodies if they do!



Red Man works great for deer hunting!  Sprinkle a pouch where you want deer, come back next morning, shoot deer.

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