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There are very few items I really want but since I was young I've always wanted a Belgian Browning High Power.  The one Gary posted a while back really got me going but unfortunately I can't justify it at the moment.  (Gary, if you ever decide to sell it let me know first!)



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Picking up an XD Mod2 .45 on Saturday that's been on the list a while.

Got a good deal, Sportsmans Supply has been dumping them on Gunbroker.


Still thinking of a PTR-32 and maybe a piston AR.


ETA: Forgot that I should really get a couple of csspecs S-12 mags too.

Also need mags for some rifles.

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I have a "bucket list" of weapons and my wants are quite simple. I should probably be ashamed of them being so common, but eh.


M14 (or exact equivalent in an M1A1 ). Was taught in basic to love that rifle and I still do. Humped an FAL around for a time but still love the M14.

1911. Plain old GI 1911.

Thinking about a pre ban Steyr AUG I was offered but just can't get excited about it.


And if I get one fantasy, GM6 Lynx.

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Front-burner items:


1:  458 SOCOM pistol upper. Tromix has a 10.5" upper ready to go, but I'll be getting the parts & assembling it the way I like.


2: Ruger Precision Rifle, probably in 6.5 CM. 


Indeterminate future:


3: 5" full-underlug pre-lock 629. To my eye, this is a just about perfectly proportioned DA revolver.


4: Maybe a .20 practical upper.


Some day:


5: SSG82


6: Something in 338 Lapua, assuming I ever get good enough with RPR 6.5 that I want more 'reach'.


7: Phillips & Rodgers M47 Medusa


8: SVD

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Grand Power Stribog S9

Dangit, why do I keep looking up these wants?? I'm gonna need to sell my wallet now.



It looks very smooth. Locked breach? Surely not rotating barrel like their pistols...

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Of all the different firearms out there, I'd honestly say my collection would be damn near complete if I could get my hands on the following:


Remington 700


Wilson Combat Beretta 92

Springfield M1A

Colt Python


I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't stop at just those firearms, as there are tons of other options out there, but this list will keep me busy for awhile.

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I've seen some Colt Pythons for absurd prices. My dad has one and it's fairly nice, but my Ruger GP100 has a slightly better trigger, better cylinder release, much better price , and I just like it more overall. I guess it's more about the mystique.

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You hit it on the head about the mystique factor because I haven't even shot one...looks great on the Walking Dead though.


On a serious note, I've really heard nothing but great things about the python. Too bad they discontinued it.

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They have a reputation for being a finicky revolver with very complex maintenance as the trigger components wear. i.e. only a couple smiths are known for doing a good job on the trigger bits, and they charge a mint. Basically they don't hold up as well as the S&W guns.

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