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You'll need our special hybrid bolt from our KS-47 upper in the regular 7.62 x 39 upper for it to function with our KS-47 lower.


Best regards,


Dylan D.

Customer Service

Palmetto State Armory

(803) 724-6950


There you have it boys and girls. The KS47 lower requires a "hybrid bolt".


And obviously now I wonder what's different between a hybrid bolt and a regular x39 bolt.



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After reading some reviews etc. it seems PSA originally thought the lowers would work with any upper then backtracked on that and restated it to read "to function with AK mag's the lowers will only work with KS-47 uppers".

That raises the price of admission substantially. They're pretty proud of those stripped items, as is the case with most billet units.

The rifles do get glowing reviews, however. Wonder if my LMT bolts would work in 'em?


-Guido in TX

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This is quickly getting to the point where there aren't many parts left to salvage.

May as well buy the whole damn rifle or just blow it off.

Reckon I need to troubleshoot my AR-47's first....


-Guido in TX

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There is a thread on barfcom with a lot of info about the ks47. Over there PSA said the upper is proprietary.


So that's lower, upper, and bcg. Starting to sound like "not an AR" to me.

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I believe, just from what I can see in pictures, that a standard 7.62x39 BCG will work. It has to take a proprietary upper for the AK mags to fit. Tested that out today, and I will post pictures in a short bit. I think I will be happy with building it, even with the proprietary upper receiver.

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This is an Anderson stripped upper.  The arrow points to the outside ledge of the magwell on the lower.  It's sticking out a good 1/8 inch.




This view is from the bottom of the magwell.  The arrows are pointing to the sides of the upper receiver overlapping the sides of the magwell.



Mag insertion.  LOL!  



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I know several...

name rank?


I wonder if any other Infantrymen out there would ever own an AR platform after they become a civilian?


Only the majority of them from what I can tell.


Do you know one? I can't think of one I served with who owns an AR. Lots of support role people pretend to be infantry for some reason.

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So anyway...  rolleyes.gif


Turns out Adam was pretty much lying when he said you can run anybody's upper.  No respect for liars or idiots who spout bullshit they know nothing about.


I'm damn glad I didn't order one.

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