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Hatsan .22 Supercharger 25 review

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I dont normally review things here at saiga-12 dot com and I am not around much any more, so i will keep this very brief. . I bought a toy recently to shoot in my house with and around the yard. I looked alll over the internet for speed vs price point and i came up with some Hatsan Supercharger 25 stuff. Well, i got it in hand, and i can tell you its one hell of a break barrel air pistol, thats for sure. for a .22 caliiber air pistol this thing is some seriously fun plinking. it shoots very hard and is very accurate, one hole groups off my bench at ten yards. for the price point, i am VERY happy with this thing. here is a picture of it as it arrived today. I cant stop shooting it, it is a great little pistol. I 100% recommend it. It shoots very hard, it is accurate, and it is well made. lots of fun if you do it right.Im a gun guy, and I like this thing. 9 out of 10 for sure.


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Spring powered?

Also how loud? I've been wanting a "shrouded" HPA powered .22 for stealthily shooting starlings in places where noise might cause hassle at ~1/3 pressure for a couple years.

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so much for a "quick" review, huh? smile.png


yeh its a springer. it claims 600fps with the lighter .22 cal pellets. Im shooting 14 grain flat nose right now and from my ear, I'm running in the low 500s.


it almost sounds like a 22 short when dry fired. generally air guns are much louder when dry fired, so that should give you a good comparison as to how loud it is when fired.


did i mention a kid wont be able to cock this thing? its a beast to cock, but gets a little easier the more you break it in. the whole upper portion of the gun moves on a short spring stroke when fired to keep recoil to a minimum as well. it feels a lot like firing an Xbow actually.


the threaded muzzle is 1/2" 18 20 or whatever it is (common), so there is plenty of room for attachment options. apart from having to tighten the set screw on the air stripper i also bought with it, the only adjustment I had to make to it was the elevation. even the windage was correct straight from the box.


also, im really a rifle shooter, so my hand gunning skills have always been lacking. I am still managing one hole groups with it at 6 yards resting on my knees and sitting with iron sights. i took two squirrels right out of the trees from about 60 feet with it the other day (friggin things are tearing up my garden and underside of my house and its time for them to stop sorry PETA but this human comes first before a tree rat). I am probably going to put a decent optic on it eventually, as it is accurate enough to warrant one.


the two stage trigger is adjustable for length and pull, by the way, AND you cant "bear trap" it on accident (pulling the trigger with it cocked and open causing the barrel to snap shut) which was another consideration i kept in mind while looking. remember your old bb lever gun that you hit the trigger on and had that lever snap shut on your hand? yeh, this one will not do that. the first stage on the trigger is a LITTLE spongy, but the second stage is definitely crisp enough to pull some tight groups.


i paid what? 150 to the door with some ammo and the air stripper from midwayUSA, so the price point is there especially considering the power this sucker has. similar performance pistols ranged between 200-250 with no extras. although there was one i considered by webley? did i spell that right? that was similarly priced, but I decided to go with this one.


the only consideration i would suggest for anyone looking at one of these is your intended use. I am using it for both plinking and pest control, so I went with the .22 caliber version. if you only intend to use it for plinking, i would suggest you consider the .177 version for that little bit of extra speed.


while Im thinking of it, adding that the barrel is 9" long and an OAL of 20" with the muzzle attachment. my shipping scale decided to wear its batteries out, but i would guess it weighs in around 6-7 pounds.


I WAS going to shoot someone in the ass with it for beer money (im serious), but after shooting it, i decided i didnt want to pay a hospital bill for them to remove the pellet. this is NOT a toy. my arms were sore the next day after spending a few hours shooting it in the house the other night. cannot say that enough. this is not a kids toy pistol.

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i kinda forgot about this post i made until today. ive been rained out from work for two days straight, and i had some time to waste, so i got this thing back out and was shooting it under my carport for a couple of hours.


- I figured I would give an update.


after almost a year, accuracy has not dropped off, power has dropped of a LITTLE BIT (expected with a springer gun), and my only modification or adjustment that I have made was to the muzzle attachment (hatsan air stripper). if you look at the photo of it, you can see a brass piece in the muzzle thingamajig. I had to put a small dimple in it for the set screw that hold it in place from the recoiling action and such to keep it from walking back tword the muzzle very slowly.


other than that, im still happy i bought it and have zero complaints a year later.


by the time your kid is big enough to cock the damn thing, they should have enough of a brain and your knowledge passed along to them to not do stupid things with it.


happy hunting

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