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Senator Palpatine, Chancellor Palpatine, Grand Chancellor Palpatine, Emperor Palpatine, Absolute Despot Emperor Palpatine.  Evil, Twisted, Insane, Absolute Despot Emperor Palaptine. We all know how that ended.  Of course that was just bad Science Fiction.

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She will do anything to get elected.  Once elected she will do everything.  The need for more power has consumed her.  There is nothing left but a burned out husk totally devoid of decency, trust, truth, duty and honor.  She has become the antithesis of the Patriot and Statesman.

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She needs votes.


It is clearly obvious that the Democratic Party has found a new strategy this last decade. They aren't after the working man anymore. They don't seek the union vote.


Now all they need is identity politics. Get as many minorities riled up over "dat's raycis!" as possible. Pander and bullshit and promise free stuff. 


As America's population becomes more "colored" it becomes more blue. Why beat your opponents on policy when you can just out breed them?


Every African, Mexican and Syrian invader shits out half a dozen kids, whether they can afford them or not. Most whites are a lot more careful than that. In fact, white birth rates are negative or neutral in most countries. 


This is happening all over Western civilization - open the gates and let the unwashed hordes loose upon us. The left seeks to end Western civilization as we know it by simply diluting the gene pool, and it's working.

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