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The painfull criticism of a good friend that leads life changing truth.

Accepting the fact that the road to enlightenment is paved with errors.

That humility is the beginning of wisdom. That hait is still a lesser degree of love.

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The most high.

The more I learn about the universe the more I am in awe of it's creator. This place is just amazing and gets more so every day.


We stand at a moment in time like no other, where the true nature of things can begin to be understood.

Or rejected, choice is ours. If anyone ever asks what is the purpose of the universe just reply to make free will possible.


We just have something that needs doing first, painful though it will be to experience, we cannot avoid nor lessen the matter.

Just have to trust in his wisdom and word, given his creation it is a good bet.

There are other things of course but that is the highest.

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Devotion. I respect a vehement Neo-Nazi ready to die for his cause far more than some vacillating politician on either side of the aisle that will say or do whatever it takes to maintain popularity and power.   


Though I sometimes have... Not the best, view of myself and what I can give of value I do have my devotion and loyalty and hold both those as things of worth. If nothing else, I have my heart, soul, body, and force of will to give to those I feel deserving of them.

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