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Wow that pretty girl needs a better man instead of that dickhead with the camera cause she seems sweet but ignorant as a rock.

Lets face it their education system hit the crapper also, just a bit slower.


I mean damn he's making fun of her but it absolutely is he that is looking really f'in bad.



Heh anyway Brexit, hope it works out for them really do but I see it more as the less evil of two paths. 


But I cheer their decision and hope we follow their lead because the states aint made even that jump and we are in the same river, just further down steam.. in the rapids...with... aw shit the boat is leaking.


Yall know what I think about that

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I have seen first hand what the communist european union does to countries. My wife's country of Slovakia was brain drained, regulated, taxed, infiltrated by corporations, labor exploited and even told they couldn't participate in their own cultural activities like a neighborhood pork slaughter/packing party. They conned them into the union with rock music, lies and promises that never came true. They opened the boarder killing her dad's flourishing trucking and shipping business allowing fucked up drivers in fucked up truck run unregulated through their country but regulating their good drivers and monitoring their trucks and routes. They made an interstate 90 road system through the heart of the country displacing communities and businesses. A fast route to get their resources out of the country. They stole their timber, steel and minerals. They took the gold out of their currency. The hospitals were ok but became terrible. All the smart people and hard working people left their families and never returned.


Ah, I could go on about this forever. In a nut shell. FUCK THE EU. May it rot in hell. It's the fourth reich.


Brexit was a blessing to the brainwashed sheep that voted remain. Now the rest of the EU will follow or perish.

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