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question about new parts for stock saiga .223

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So I'm a new saiga owner and i was looking into getting a zhukov-s stock and magpul moe pistol grip for my saiga... is the zhukov stock compatible with the saiga .223?

Yes.  Mine installed with zero issues.

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This image was taken off the Ak Operators Union, Local 47-74 Youtube video "Breaking Magpul AK Furniture." They drove over the buttstock with a car while the buttstock was in the folded position. I am not sure any buttstock could survive this, but the picture of the broken buttstock reveals how little amount of plastic holds the buttstock together.




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Yes it's not much.  I would not "go-to-war" with it but neither am I going to take my Saiga "to war".

Now, once I get it back from DA maybe I'd "take it to war".  I do plan on picking up a bonesteel hinge and buffer tube.  

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But Russians fold Unicorn hairs into their plastic to make it invincible, along with those famous german tanks in their mildish steel.


It's not folded, it's laid randomly in an interlocking web. Folding creates a stress point that even Unicorn hair can't withstand.

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