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To be clear, I consider him a friend. If I did not do my own action work he is who would be doing it for me. Anyone who is not backlogged to some degree is likely not someone you want to be doing your work as they probably aren't doing that great of a job. I am sure he is backlogged at least 30-60 days. Send him the parts, forget about it, and be pleasantly surprised when they show up looking great. Also, he has been around a long time and will not steal your parts like a previous vendor here that was doing the same type of work.

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I dealt with him 5-6years ago. My parts came back with "tooling" marks (ie; Dremel grinding marks all over them). He also sent some of my parts to a forum member (W8Lifter iirc) in another state. He said I needed to contact that member to figure out how to get my parts back, then he had that member pay the postage cost to get my parts to me without offering to reimburse him. When I called him out on all that bullshit, he told me to get fucked and that he didn't care about any of it. I've still got the entire PM thread. Since that happened, I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.

After all that, I sent my parts to Pauly to fix Cobra Customs (Shannon's) fuck ups, before Paulies business went downhill and he stole a bunch of peoples parts. 



That's my experience. I'll probably get another warning point or a ban for stating my shit experience against a paying vendor.

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