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Saiga 5.45 benefits over a Saiga .223

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Hi guys, long time member here, but lost my account info. Haven't been here in a while.


I made the move from Virginia to Florida, and from having my own private range on a farm to having to deal with private ranges. The local ranges aren't very long-rifle friendly, so I'm giving up my Saiga .308 22". 


Right now I have two possible trades: a converted 5.45 and an unconverted .223. 


I would prefer unconverted as I enjoy converting. However, the 5.45 is a nice conversion as it is with the cut barrel and a custom flash hider welded and pinned. 


I always wanted a 5.45 to add to my collection, as I already have a 7.62. However, looking at prices now it seems the ammo isn't the benefit it once was. Is there a real reason to take the 5.45 over the .223 anymore? 


While I'm at it, I have a .308 22" converted Saiga with roughly $1500 in it. I have had trouble selling. The trade offer is for a converted 5.45 with a Spikes Tactical Dyna Comp Extreme pinned and welded on a 14.5" barrel. The front conversion has not been done, still has original gas tube. He is offering 5 mags, 900 rounds, and $250 cash. Would you consider this a decent trade in today's market? I've been out of it for a few years and want to be sure I'm not behind on the current market value. 


The .223 is a trade for an AR57 pistol. I already know that's a good trade if I want it. There is the option of just doing both trades, but I would like to hear you guys opinions on the comparisons of the two calibers with ammo price not really being a factor anymore. 


Thanks in advance. 

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