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Does anyone know who would be able to custom mill a 26" barrel for a shotgun? The kicker is it will need the M4 feed ramps. This is for a UTAS XTR 12.

I have built a custom quick change barrel system for my M4 and I'm thinking of doing the same thing for the XTR 12 so I can try my hand at 3 gun and also use it for my skeet shooting.

I'm almost positive I will need to send the upper off to ensure the barrel gets properly head spaced for positive bolt lockup. Everyone I've emailed says they only do card shoot barrels.

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I actually have the barrel threaded for winchoke. I use a winchoke to saiga adapter then run the saiga extension with skeet choke.

Doing this causes a lot to happen to the wad and distorts my shot cloud a bit. I'd love to just get the longer barrel made and have the ability to use the same weapon for two sports without all the adapting. I don't mind spending a little extra to get exactly what I want. My last resort is to get a Briley choke custom made to cut things down to only one transition and actually have the ability to run fast porting for wad control.

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I'll have to give them a call today. It looks like they could build the blank and then send it off to get finished by a gun smith.

To me its worth it to have the XTR setup differently for various tasks.

I have found that both hot rods and guns will make me go broke. That is why I build everything I can. That being said, when I get something planned out it is a relentless pursuit to have it materialize.

The 32 Dodge had to get a intake manifold custom sand cast to fit the 4-71 just right on a 4.3 V6. Seems a lot like this shottie in ways.

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