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Clearing The Backlog...Bolt, Carrier, and Trigger Work

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 It's been awhile since I've had any time to read or post on the forums. As most of you know we got behind last year and have been struggling with a backlog ever since. It's finally clearing out now though so I thought I'd let everyone know.

 I'm going to post a bunch of recent pics I uploaded from my phone and  try to assure everyone who's already got parts in here getting worked on, (and especially those on the fence wanting this reliability service done but who may be afraid of long wait times...) there is absolutely NO need to worry about sending your parts in to us for service. Of course due to what happened to a lot of people because of what another different vendor here did wrong, many people have been extremely hesitant to trust anyone else with their Saiga parts and I don't blame them. That is not a problem with us though so please don't put Cobra's Custom in the same boat just because we do the same service. We have a very long history of excellent service here with everyone going away happy.

 I personally pioneered this whole Saiga 12 / Vepr 12  "reliability service" myself, long before anyone else was even trying it. I started then perfected the serivce others copied and some have failed miserably trying to copy and offer. Only mentioning that because many newer Saiga and Vepr owners may not know.

 About the backlog...we are a very small family business here and like any other are subject to life's occasional downfalls with health issues, equipment failures...etc. Normally the service we offer can be completed with a relatively short waiting period compared to most custom work on firearms or parts. The actual work only takes a day or so per job but due to the long backlog we experienced from being out of service for months, during which time we were getting piles of work coming in, including those that were left unfinished by a previous "competitor"... it has taken a lot of work and time to get caught back up.

 Now that things are rolling again here we are finishing and shipping orders all the time. The wait list is clearing more and more each week now. I'm doing these jobs in sets of 10 and stopping only to ship out 3-5 at a time. Last week in an effort to try and get everybody we could shipped before the 4th, we got 5 more out the door and off the list. Had one more actually come by to pick his up and do a little shooting on the 3rd here. It's all getting done quick now with me putting everything else in my life off so I can work 7 days a week.

 At this time (July 7th) there are exactly 20 bolt and trigger sets left on the wait list, 10 of which are on the bench now with half of those almost done and on schedule to ship any day now. EVERYONE on the list should be shipping out by the end of this month and that is my goal get that done and begin some new jobs.

 Starting August 1st I am hoping to be able to offer a guaranteed two to four week turn around time again, as it was before all the troubles we experienced last year put me so far behind in the shop. Please let us know then if you'd like your Saiga, Vepr, or AK upgraded to run better than you knew was possible. I can make that happen.

 In closing, I have been far too busy here working on and shipping parts to stop and take pictures to post here and on the forums, so I took time to take a few new ones of a couple of 'different' type jobs we shipped last week. First ones are of the very impressive and innovative new R&R Targets USA made Saiga 12 bolt carrier (which BTW they now sell a matching US made bolt for... check em out they do great work!). It comes with a reversible / ambi charging handle that can be mounted in three different optional positions from what it looks like. It's also milled out to make it lighter and made of some great quality steel that takes a very nice polish. Nice! The one pictured with it is a bead blasted Russian carrier and polished bolt set. This is one that was unfortunately started on and gouged pretty badly, but never finished by someone who is no longer a vendor here.  Also pictured is our custom grooved and polished G2 trigger and a few pics of our Tig welded LHCH (left hand charging handles) while getting done. I'll try to find and add a few more from recent jobs I did get pics of before they went out. Will also put an example of some of the damaged type work I also have to fix before I can even do my job... lots of these things come in with serious wear and tear on them and some that others have butchered trying to work on them. All the work I do goes out of here looking about the same though, with the same love and attention to detail in each job. No matter how much a few of the most impatient guys have tried to rush me, I of course took the same care to give them the perfection they paid for. Some thank me, others don't...oh well such is life...


 Thanks for your time and patience. Now back to work! Will try to take time to post more pics of completed jobs as they are going out, along with serial numbers so the guys waiting can see they are done and going out. Even have my gal in here with me helping out with small stuff like sanding the paint off the bolt carrier rail channels prior to polishing. Anything to help save time and get these jobs all done so she can ship them out to you guys! 

Have a great one! smile.png



 These are some jobs being worked on right now. 10-12 at a time assembly line style to save time. All bolts and trigger packs are kept separate and secure with parts list and customer notes / contact info in separate, labeled, serial numbered boxes and drawers. Only one is opened at a time. No mixups...





 This is the first R&R US made bolt carrier we've had come in. The S-12 bolt that it came in with looked pretty bad but I got it all smoothed out and matched to this carrier and FCG with our service.




Finished, tested, and shipped it out last week. BTW his previous bolt carrier broke into three pieces is why the bolt looked so rough.






After re-profiling...





Finished and Polished





 Another carrier previously started and unfinished by a former vendor...












Comparison of the S-12 set and R&R set.. Also pictured here is our custom grooved G-2 trigger.






Some of our Left Hand Charging Handles (LHCH) being tig welded and refinished / baked to cure enamel...







Another job shipped last week... more to follow as this thread goes.






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Taking a few minutes off from working yet another Saturday, to post a few pics of more jobs shipping out. These are some that got finished yesterday and last night.










This one I found the hammer was defective on so I reworked another one for him and supplied that free of charge.


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