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If it was the Saiga pictured, I guess that settles the whole debate around 5.45 being a two-shot rabbit-dropper.


Shot placement, it is an accurate little bastard after all as apparently was the shooter.

Heck always wished Id gotten a couple back when ammo was 10 cents a round, was not that long ago.


Besides I am a distrustful old codger and will just wait and see. 

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It wasn't an AR or an SKS.

Pretty sure now from multiple sources that it was the Saiga AK74 pictured, hence it's confusion with an AR.

Just the Media running their mouths and going with anything that comes their way in information without any confirmation, someone said SKS & they ran with it, someone said AR & they ran with it.

They've generally zero clue WTF they're talking about within the first 24hrs. But boy do they talk anyways, they have to fill that air time with something.

If it was a Saiga, maybe it was a member of this forum.

What a scary thought

With all the great conversion help at this forum I guess the scary thought is we might have helped him build that gun.

But the gun did not kill 5 LEOs He did

Not afraid of anyone here.

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Sad to hear that he used one of my favorite rifles.


He was a devil with a cause.


There isn't anything that anyone can do to eliminate all the tools that people use to murder others.


Murder was in his heart.

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He should have had a dishonorable with monitor. He purchased it from a guy on Facebook in Texas. The report also said the police were unsure if it was the primary rifle used. The poison bullets mess shit up pretty good so I'm sure they would have praised the ban on the import if that was what was used. Time will tell. Saiga sanctions, fail. Ammo ban, fail. Army discharge and mental treatment, fail. C-4 on a very expensive stick.... Winning.

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