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Saiga SBS handguard problem

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Hi all

I have a red Jacket SBS 8" barrel conversion that I am having some handguard issues with....the handguard is one of those aluminum 3 rail jobs that connect to gun via the one screw that attaches to gas block...


The issue is that the handguard moves forward about a 1/4" leaving a gap between handguard and receiver....look bad...


Has anyone have a good handguard suggestions for my SBS???

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In my opinion, tri and quad rails on a SBS make zero sense. At the most, you might have a legit use for a light, which can be mounted on a small section of rail. Use the mag as a vert grip. Companies make it seem like you need a "rail" on everything for it to be adequate or cool. To me, the main draw of an SBS is that it is a compact means of delivering a devastating multiple projectile load. I would lose that tri rail and modify a polymer handguard for it ( rifle handguard, etc). The hardest part is locating the screw hole that you will need to drill. If you do it right, it will not be problematic like what you have now and you wouldn't have to think about it again, just enjoy the weapon and be confident when you use it.



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Sure. Worst case you might end up with a hole where you need solid metal and might have to get creative to attach it at the gas block. That would beat a tri rail any day, IMO. You might measure from the receiver to the screw hole in the gas block and see if you can get someone to post a pic of where that would be on one of those handguards. You might get lucky and it ends up where no holes are.

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THat's the look I'm after with the front hand gaurd either going to vent out the OEM one or try a AMD65 one like Distal's.


As far as locating the hole that's easy. Just use a piece of stiff paper cut to lenght put it on the underside of the barrel and press with your thumb on the GB mount hole.

Instant template.


Just make sure you measure right. IE: if you go from the tab where the hand gaurd starts you need to start there with the template.

if you go where the gaurd butts up against the front trunnion then that's where you start and may need to shave some of of the hand gaurd tab that slips in to bring it back to where the hole will line up.


That's how I would do it to insure a tight fit to the trunnion.



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