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anyone on here to weld up my barrel ports on a chop build?

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Should be a really easy job if you have a welder even more so since the barrel is out of the receiver.


Just need either a tig or mig with gas. Tig would be the better option.

Also since it's out of the gun about any shop can weld it up that handles gun work since they are not getting the receiver with it. 


Ya I noticed the vendor section is down members since the import embargo on the Saiga series.

Also this forum went from bang'n posts everyu day to very little traffic.


I guess the import halt has gone on long enough that everyone that wanted to  modify their guns either has either done it, or has a good enough handle on it to not need to ask to many questions.



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Non-business member service offering. Please consider becoming a business member so that other members can take full advantage of your skills.



Gunny NR

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DEFINETLY use a copper backer for the weld. Other than that, any GOOD machine shop can do the job. NOT J.J. Booger weld down at the muffler shop.

Booger. I love it. Makes me want to watch Revenge of the Nerds.... "Why do they call you Booger?" ;)

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It's so simple it's not necessary to send it to a smith. Just find someone with good TIG skills.    Here's a tip.   If you make a very tight fitting copper plug, i've found that after welding, the plug can be hard to remove.  and you have to drive it out/   The tool shown here is an aluminum sleeve with piece if 1/2" copper pipe over it.   The shoulder on the aluminum sleeve allows you to put the plug into the barrel for a super tight fit.   But when it comes time to remove it, the aluminum pulls out of the copper, then the copper sleeve can easily be removed.  


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I use brass but copper will work.


The idea of the plug is to keep the weld from going through and causing a obstruction that will need to be cleaned out.

When  I was building the 80% GI uzi receivers I used a lot of brass plugs to keep from have to clean the inside of the receiver with a dremmel where it's hard to get the tool in.


Worked like a charm.


once in a while the copper or brass plug will "braze" it's self to the metal. Not a big deal and can normally be cleaned up by hand with sand paper.



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