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I've run into this quandary a bunch of times lately.  I go buy a few tools to do a job, and I use them once. Like ever.  Now, here I am again.  I want to cut my .308 Saiga barrel down from 22" to 20", reface it, put an 11 degree crown on it, then thread it in 5/8x24.  I'm still on the fence about moving the FSB back and repining it.  I'll likely never use the iron sights, so why bother.  But I'm going to end up dropping like $250 on it, then using it once.  After that, it'll sit in my roll away collecting dust. 


I wish this site had some sort of tool exchange where we could borrow each other's tools and share the love.  I'm sure there are members out there who have every tool I need, but most people wouldn't just loan tools to a guy they don't know, and would worry about damage.  If we had a system where we could pay a deposit, then get the money back when we were done with the tools that would be sweet.


Well, because the golden rule, I do have a die, tat, and handle for 14x1LH if someone wants to borrow them.  they'd have to cover shipping both ways, though.



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There have been exchanges before. dinzag used to do rentals, maybe still does.


Thanks for kicking things off.

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I think you will have to manage it through the WTS system rules. Consider it a sale with a  guaranteed return sale. With taps and dies, only one novice can ruin the tool in less than a minute, so you probably need full value deposit up front, with extremely explicit understanding that the tool is bought if it is messed up even a little.


Otherwise it will rapidly devolve into upset people and factions.

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I totally get the serious hindrance to an idea like this. It just sucks that Saiga enthusiasts are such a rare breed. 90% of people are AR sheep, while 9 out of the remaining 10 are AK purists who view Saigas as an illegitimate bastard child. That leaves a few thousand people sprinkled across the US. It's a bummer because it'd be fun to have a few beers and tinker on some projects with these guys.

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