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1st gen Taurus model 80

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Picked up a nice old 38 spl in the form of an early Taurus 80. This one is from the early 70s in the style of a S&W 5 screw and differs from the later models of the 80 with having the firing pin in the hammer not frame mounted, it also has a strain screw for the coiled mainspring. The only rust I found on the gun is on the left side near the muzzle. At this point this gun is nearly impossible to shoot with the trigger pull but I've ordered some Wolff springs to hopefully correct that. The gun also has serrations in the cylinder flutes kind of like some of the S&W 27 had.





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Interresting. That definitely looks crude compared to some of their more recent revolvers.

How's the trigger? 


I like the old smith style firing pin on hammer. No good reason, I just always liked the look.

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Now that is funny to read on a Saiga related site that a gun looks "Crude".haha.gif


Actually the fit and finish is pretty good of course the gun at over 40 years old has some spots and dings but for a $205.00 gun I'm more than happy with the looks. Its been shot but not much so there isn't a lot of wear on it.

The trigger is very oh crapo are you kidding me heavy in both double and single action. I don't have a trigger scale but I wouldn't be shocked to find even in single action it's 10 pounds or more and double action could be pushing over 20. When the new springs get here I'll pop the side plate and deburr a little with a stone and do an oil change with the spring change. With the trigger right now it's really just a paper weight that goes bang.

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It's impressive how clean everything but their grips look on a circa 1990 model 66 vs the diminishing quality of smiths of the same era. Their j frame knock offs (model 85?) had some quality issues around then, but the taurus model 66s were quite clean. IMO they are a continuous great bargain

on gunbroker.

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I got'r done. put back together, better trigger, and she runs, just had a big beer to celebrate my victory.

The trigger is now no worse than most the K frames I've had and maybe better than some.

The rotation hand being part of the side plate with a spring and plunger kind of spooked me for a minute but a dab of grease and it stayed in place to get put back in.
note I've tied up more in this gun than planned from a $205.00 buy on gunbroker,
adding $30.00 for shipping,
then my local ffl that I've been using raised their charge from $25.00 (would have put me at $260.00 about were I figured I be OK) to $47.50 (yeah I screwed up didn't check the price before I set up the transfer) for doing the receiving and paperwork with call in.
Add a set of Wolff springs and grips for $37.00 (maybe should have seen that coming, happens on about every revolver I get)
and a $205.00 gun now cost me $319.50,
that's kind of wild the real to own it cost going up by that much.
I guess now I'll have to do a little shooting and see if I have a $320.00 gun, but as the old saying goes "in for a penny, in for a pound." on the positive side the tear down showed the gun had very little use before I got it and brief test I did when I got it together went great so a good K frame size 38 shooter for $320 might not be a bad deal, but it sounded better a $205.00.
The gun I'm replacing was a model 10 S&W I sold for $450.00 so with the new and improved model 80 not really worried about making a dollar just wanted a pretty good plinker in 38 so I guess I'm OK in this deal.




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That seems like a great price in todays market.

yeah maybe it just shocked me from a "205.00" price how much more the cost added up to get the gun in hand and then get a what I think is a shootable gun all added up to add about $114.50 to the price. that kind of put the price at new 38 Taurus price range, not 40+ year old price range.

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