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Took my "California Quandary" Saiga and Hungarian to the range

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Went to the indoor range to sight in my High Standard AKMS47 Hungarian under-folder, and thought I would take my "almost returned to stock " Saiga IZ132 for a walk, too.  I wanted to see if the red dot retined zero after removing and re-installing.  The ammo was Tulammo 122 FMJ, and it was a casual rest on the bench.  Shots wer at the rate of about 3 shots every two seconds.






Well, I am in love... The main reason for the trip to the range was to sight in the High Standard built Hungarian under-folder. It is built on a HIgh Standard US lower, using a Hungarian AK63D kit.
I fired about 100 rounds of Tulammo 122 FMJ with zero malfunctions.  They must have laser bore sighted it when they built it, because I just had to drift a tidge to one side, and raise the POS one full turn on the front sight.  POA = POI at 25 yards on 200 meter setting.  
This group was 11 rounds, semi-rapid fire (about 3 shots in two seconds) from a casual rest.  The Texas Trigger double hook FCG was smooth as silk, and helped.  
I replaced the awful Hungarian ugly wood pistol grip with a brown bakelite one I had.  The sling is a NOS Hungarian leather  AK sling (looks like a belt mated with a leather Romanian sling), and a correct NOS matching number Hungarian bayonet. 
I really like the parkerized finish.  It looks to be a quality build.  Rivets all even and rounded, corners crisp on the receiver, FSB and gas block straight, chrome lined barrel, and the bolt and the trunnion are matching numbers. Fit and finish are first class.  The mag is an Izzy bakelite rivet blocked at 10 rounds.
With Saigas largely unavailable, the Hig Standard is a good buy for the buck.
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