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No, they do not taste like farm raised, they're usually much better.

Rediscover what pork should taste like.

They often have a flavor nuanced by their primary diet, if they're feeding heavily on acorns they'll have a subtle nut flavor.


Yes, boars and big sows can be tough, boars can be too rank to eat.

Piglets, shoats and younger sows are great eating.


I've never dry/wet aged pork, I know some that have. Usually folks brine, or cure and smoke hams/ bacon.


Less fat on them, so I prefer to grill over high heat, get a good sear, get internal temp to 140-145' and then finish with smoke for added flavor while bringing to 165' internal temp for safe eating.


Wild hogs are filthy, stinking and vermin infested, therefore I always skin them.

So no crackling, crunchy ears or other such delicacies.

Man, gimme a rack of tomahawk ribs, pure divine swine!

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Two of them have been sitting in salt water brine since Monday night, I drain water every morning, re-ice and salt, going to cut them up Saturday, vacuum bag/seal then off to the deep freeze. The wife wants to grind some of it up into sausage, so I got to buy a new 1/4hp meat grinder.

Still have to secure the trap and start baiting it again, also saw a 10 point, a six point and 2 nice size does down there when I changed the camera card yesterday. Gut piles are all but gone, thanks to coyotes.

Chile is correct, the meat will have the taste of what they have been eating, there's a LOT of acorns, hickory nut and some walnuts around down there, so I'm hoping for some good tastey pork, and yes, they are lean, not like store bought meat

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