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Could last night mean we will see Russian guns back?

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Obama and Putin had a "rocky" relationship and the Saiga was a victim of that. Put in and Trump could do well together and if so we could see more (and more reasonably priced) Saigon imports again by early next year.


Does that make anyone's pecker perk up?

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The ban was by EO, Trump said he will override ALL of Barry O's EOs the first day!

Actually, Trump didn't quite say that. He said he would reverse all of Obama's ILLEGAL executive orders. That gives Trump considerable leeway in interpretation of his own comment.


I'm hoping he'll get rid of the sanctions, tho. I think Russia, and specifically Putin, is expecting Trump to do so. I sure hope so.

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Is the NRA also pushing for the repeal of the Gun Control Act of 1968?  Or the National Firearms Act of 1934?  Curious why this is not forthcoming from the NRA.  Somebody please correct me if I am wrong.  Respectfully.

Because they understand that full unfettered restoration of the 2nd, makes them irrelevant, and they still want power more than they want us to have our rights.

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